About LLLP

The International Conferences on Life Long Learning in Pharmacy (LLLP) are a series of conferences that have been held for over 30 years, following the inaugural meeting in Denmark in 1990. They provide an opportunity to discuss issues of importance and relevance to advancing pharmacy practice through continuous professional development (CPD) and lifelong learning. The conferences have been convened around the world in Europe, North America, Africa and New Zealand, and usually attract pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, educators, researchers, regulators, policy-makers and professional associations from around the world.

Life Long Learning is embraced as a core principle for professional practice throughout the world, and is no less for pharmacy. Many regulators require pharmacists to undertake mandatory Continuing Education (CE), or Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Previous conference have been convened in the USA 1994, Denmark 1998, Northern Ireland 2000, South Africa 2002, Canada 2005, England 2007, Finland 2009, New Zealand 2011, USA 2014, Croatia 2016, Australia 2018 and most recently Ireland hosted the first virtual conference in 2021 due to COVID restrictions. The LLLP2023 conference is back in the USA and will take place in the popular and ever growing city of Denver, Colorado.

These conferences are unique in the diversity of its participants; few if any other pharmacy conferences attract such a heterogeneous group of pharmacy educators and practitioners from around the world, all with a common focus on CE/CPD.

The LLLP Conference is an exceptional opportunity to:

  • Network and collaborate with diverse international colleagues.
  • Learn through sharing experience and knowledge.
  • Develop multilateral networks of educators.
  • Share significant education research and development.
  • Foster inter-professional learning.
  • Contribute to development of a global community of individuals and groups committed to continuous professional development.